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News Release
Sun, Jun 25, 2006

The Canadian RPA qualification has been approved by the ICMA

The Canadian RPA qualification has been approved by the ICMA
Executive as satisfying the educational requirements for AMA membership.
Thus all RPAs interested in the Australian CMA designation may attend
the course first, and then directly apply for CMA status, if they have
the necessary years of experience. [Those with over 10-years relevant
experience do not have to sit for the CMA exams, whilst those having
less than 10-years will be examined in a location nominated by them].
All such RPAs have been extended the 10% Early Bird discount till end of

Those wishing to ascertain if they will be exempted from the exams
(under the 10-year Rule) before undertaking to do the Seminar, please
send your CV with educational transcripts by email immediately to to be evaluated.

The Course Brochure originally sent out had the email details wrong.
The email contact should have been
Therefore those who scanned their Registration form and sent to that
email address may not as yet be Registered. If you send your
Registration by email prior to the Early Bird registration period, and
have not had your registration acknowledged by ICMA then the 10%
Discount will still be given to you. [The ICMA has contacted all whose
Registrations were successfully received]. A corrected Course Brochure
with new venue and email details is attached.

There are only a limited amount of seats left for the Seminar. Please
make use of the opportunity and Register before the closing date of June
30, 2006.

The Canada Local Contact is Syed Ali and can be contacted on
905-890-8042 or by email:

Kind Regards

Professor Janek Ratnatunga
Chair in Business Accounting, Monash University and
Education Committee Chairman, ICMA

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